When: 23-04-14
Where: Rotsoord
What: drum, guitar, bas, keyboard, fxs
Who: Frank Janssens, Henk de Vries, Ronald Nijhof, Christian Toonk

Reuniting the forces of the past: Polsmofjes, Big Suck and Roch joining one thing to another. Rocking and Rolling, songs from the sentimental past and lots of tastefull mistakes.

Download: 230414.zip
10 songs / 1 hour 16 min.


When: 09-04-14
Where: Rotsoord
What: drum, guitar, keyboard, fxs
Who: Ronald Nijhof, Christian Toonk

Digital and analog keyboards and synthesis spread on a recorded drumtrack, multitracking all night long (all night).

Download: 090414.zip
2 songs / 40 min.